My experience volunteering at the AGC Museum

Below we have a blog post from one of our volunteers, Olivia, about her experience during her time volunteering with us at The AGC Museum! Olivia has been fantastic, and has written many of the social media and blog posts you have seen last week for MuseumWeek in particular!

During my last year at the University of Winchester, I decided it was time to gain work experience. As a Classical Studies student, I have always been interested in history and love visiting new museums. I attended a few museums in Winchester, and I enjoyed all of them. Still, the Adjutant General Corps Museum stood out most for me because of their exciting collections and friendly staff. After I emailed them seeking a volunteering opportunity, they kindly asked me in for an interview to discuss what I would be doing as a volunteer. They also provided me with more information about the museum.

Once I started at the museum, I would volunteer once a week. During this day, I would take part in a variety of activities. Each day was different and provided me with a lot of experience and knowledge which I can now take forward with me in my career.

Activities included reading through our Soldier magazines and learning about the AGC and its antecedents. The staff taught me exactly what to look for in the magazines and how to record it. I also helped in the accessioning of silverware within the museum. I went through some of our silver collection and matched it up with the images we had in our files to ensure they were all easily located for the museum. The staff also showed me how to access and use Modes, the collection database, which was helpful. After a few months, I started to help with social media for the museum. I enjoyed doing this because I was able to help the museum grow its online presence and let more people view the exceptional items the AGC has in its collection. This is an example of a social media image I created for the museum.

I also helped in the office by taking calls if the staff were busy, giving out parking permits to our visitors and answering any customer queries. Another activity which I enjoyed was creating a quiz for children to complete on their visit to the museum. This increased my knowledge of the museum significantly and was an exciting activity.

Despite the lockdown, I have continued to help the museum during Museum Week 2020 by creating social media images and writing blogs. I am happy to support and help the museum at such a difficult time.

My experience volunteering at the Adjutant General Corps Museum has been a fantastic opportunity which I am grateful to have received. It has taught me a lot, and I have met some fascinating and friendly people on this journey. I would encourage more people to volunteer at the museum, especially if you are thinking about entering the museum industry. It has prepared me for the next step in my career and has been a fabulous opportunity.

Olivia Sandhu