MuseumWeek #TogetherMW – From Large Teams to Small

The AGC and it’s antecedents have a long history of togetherness with the rest of the British Army, as their role is to provide support. Their attachments to other corps and regiments over the years have put them in the position of having been around the world in all campaigns.

One of the AGC Museum’s most prized objects is the driving licence of Princess Elizabeth from her work in the ATS during the Second World War, showing the togetherness of Crown and Country.

The AGC Museum also practices togetherness, with it’s connection to five other museums at our site, known as Winchester Military Museums.

From left to right: Tabitha (Museum Assistant), Katia (Assistant Curator (Archives)), Bianca (Curator), and Taryn (Museum Assistant)

Finally on the smallest level, our team of 4 staff (plus volunteers) is what keeps the museum moving forwards, even in lockdown!