MuseumWeek #Heroes – Remembering Fallen Members of the AGC

Major Vanessa Lang

Major Vanessa Lang, 40, from Oswerty, Shropshire, served in the Staff and Personnel Support (SPS) branch of the AGC and had served all over the world in her 22-year career. Major Lang was a trailblazer becoming the first female officer posted to a Cavalry regiment based in London. She became captain of the Army Women’s Ski Team and was rated as the sixth best skier in the UK. She was also an expert horsewoman and parachute jumper.

In August 2001, Major Lang was stationed in Sierra Leone as a detachment press officer for the British Army training team based in Freetown. On 19th October the HIND helicopter she was travelling in crashed and she sustained head injuries. Tragically she died of her injuries on the way to the hospital. Major Lang is remembered fondly and greatly respected by family, friends and colleagues. Her medals, including the George Cross, are on display here at the AGC Museum

Lance Corporal Michael Foley

Lance Corporal Michael Foley enlisted in September 2003, joining the Royal Logistic Corps six months later and was stationed in Abingdon. He quickly decided to ‘re-trade’ to become a Combat Human Resources Specialist, joining the SPS Branch of the AGC. After completing his training Foley was posted to 9 Regiment RLC in his new role as a military administrator..

LCpl Foley deployed to Afghanistan on Op HERRICK 15 in September 2011 as a key member of the Task Force Helmand Headquarters Information Hub team. He regularly provided close administrative support to the Task Force Commander and was a key enabler of the efforts of the Headquarters’ staff.

On 26th March 2012, LCpl Foley was manning the front gate as part of the guard force for Main Operating Base, Lashkar Gah, when he and Sergeant Luke Taylor, of the Royal Marines, were killed by a rogue member of the Afghan National Army. Several tributes were made for LCpl Foley’s death and his family have kindly loaned his memorial cross to the AGC Museum.

Lance Corporal Alipate Tuisawau

Lance Corporal Alipate Naitaukei Tuisawau, was a member of the AGC attached to 1st Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. He served in a tour of Iraq before he was redeployed to Germany.

During a night out at a bar in Osnabruck, Germany, Tuisawau was assaulted by a fellow solider and tragically died from his injuries on 25th August 2007. LCpl Tuisawau’s body was repatriated to Fiji in 2008 where he was buried on Naira Island following Fijian customs. Tuisawau was respected by his regiment and seen as an excellent solider. In his honour the Tuisawau Memorial Cup was created. It resides at Natauloa Primary School and is gifted to Rugby players.

In remembrance, chiefs of the island of Nairai presented a tabua, of a whale’s tooth, to serve as a permanent reminder of his service. This is currently in the care of the AGC Museum.