MuseumWeek #CultureinQuarantine – Swords & Cap Badges

The AGC Museum is taking part in Museum Week, an international week of celebrating culture from around the world.

Here we have a ceremonial sword awarded to Major General Sir Owen Rooney and some of the Cap badges in our collection! Cap badges are worn in the British Army to easily identify which regiment or corps a soldier is a member of, as well as to allow them to easily identify others.

Cap badge designs are something which evolve over the years, with the AEC and RAEC badges a good example of this. When the AEC received it’s royal designation in 1946 the original cap badge design with the book was tweaked and a crown was added to it, to show this royal designation. However King George VI is rumoured to have not liked this design, so a Corps wide competition was run to design the new cap badge (although there are rumours that the King’s design is the one that won… he did have some input into the design at least!). The Torch of Learning was used by the RAEC until 1992 when it was amalgamated into the AGC.

To celebrate todays hashtag #CultureinQurantine, we have put together two activity sheets: Make a Sword and Design a Cap badge! You can find these below.

We would love to see what you create so take some photos and tag us! #MuseumWeek2020 #Museum #Quarantine #Lockdown