MuseumWeek #Climate – 10 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Museum


Implement an effective waste disposal system. Make sure there are bins for a variety of waste materials which are marked for visitors and staff. Set up a Terracycle brigade for disposable biros and other ‘non-recyclable’ products.


Provide reusable cups, glasses, and crockery for staff rather than disposable ones. Use eco-friendly washing up liquid and hand soap.


Ensure all staff are trained in waste and environmental procedures and that any ideas are heard and implemented is possible.


If you have a cafe, offer more vegan options (lower carbon footprint) and try to source as much locally as you can.


Set all printers to print double-sided and switch to draft quality where possible. Use recycled paper and use refillable printer cartridges.


If you have spare outside space, start a community garden and compost heap for your tea bags, coffee grounds and fruit cores.


Sell reusable bottles for guests to use throughout the museum and install a water fountain for refills. Join ‘refill’ so people know they can come to you for free water refills (and hopefully they’ll stay and have a look around!)


Eliminate plastic toys in gift shops and opt for wood or rubber instead. Don’t offer bags unless necessary and try to carry reusable ones for people to buy instead of plastic. Remember to get through old stock first though!


Raise awareness of the importance of reducing waste by using social media to talk about the steps you are taking to reduce waste #zerowasteweek


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Terracycle bins at the AGC Museum