Archives and Research

The AGC Museum Archive holds the records of several of the antecedent corps and includes records from some unrelated corps.
However, these records are not always complete, nor do they cover the full history of the antecedents.
Records Held in the AGC Museum Archive
the RAPC and her antecedents
  • Records of Service
    • Army Pay Department
    • Military Staff Clerks
    • Army Pay Corps
    • Corps of Military Accountants
    • RAPC
  • Roll of Station Accountant Officers and Chartered Accountants, c.1919
  • List of Pay Offices, c.1914-1920
  • F.9. War Memos to RAPC, 1928-1961
  • Paymaster-in-Chief’s Newsletters
  • RAPC Tracer Cards, c.1950s
  • RAPC Overage Registers, 1954-1957
  • RAPC Discharge Registers, 1955-1961
  • Roll of RAPC National Service Officers
  • RAPC Journals, 1931 – 1992
The Civilian Staff Clerks
  • Records of Service
  • Annual Reviews, post 1918
  • Civilian Staff Clerks who became Acting Paymasters
  • List of Schoolmasters in the Corps of Army Schoolmasters
  • Records of Service, 1920-1939
  • Seniority Lists, 1920s – 1960
  • RAEC Tracer Cards, c.1950s
  • AEC Discharge Registers
  • AEC/RAEC Journal 1921-1991
  • ETS Journal, 1992-present
The WRAC and her Antecedents
  • ATS Discharge Registers, 1938-1948
  • WRAC Tracer Cards, 1948-1991
  • WRAC Discharge Registers, 1948-1982
General Service Corps
  • Enlistment Books, c.1939-1944
Non-Combatant Corps
  • Enlistment Books, c.1939-1950s

The museum also holds copies of the Army Lists.

Where to find antecedent records not in the AGC Museum Archive

The records pertaining to the RAEC and WRAC not found in the museum archive may be found in the archives of the National Army Museum.

To find further information regarding the records in the National Army Museum Archives, please click on this link:


Other records pertaining to the antecedents of the AGC may also be found in the National Archives, Kew.

This is more often the case for records before 1920, and further information can be found using this link:

national archives

Should you be looking for documents regarding personnel post 1920 that are not in our collection, then you will need to apply for records from the Army Personnel Centre, Glasgow.

For further information regarding this, please click on this link:

Army Personnel Centre
Research at the AGC Museum Archive

Should you wish for research to be carried out on your behalf, you can request a research enquiry.
To do this, please contact the museum, giving as much detail as possible regarding the person or subject you would like to be researched,
and your reasons behind the request.
Unfortunately, research requests can take a long time, and as such we offer the first half hour free, to ensure there is information to be found,
with any following work being charged at £20.00 an hour.
Details of this will be given upon your request.

Visiting the AGC Museum Archive

Should you wish to carry out your own research this is more than possible and is available through appointment only. The museum archive is accessible to the public through appointment only.

A dedicated reading space is available at the AGC Museum, and the records must be requested at least ten working days before the booked appointment.
In order to book an appointment, access the catalogue and request specific records, please contact the museum.

Upon your arrival, you will be asked to leave your bags in a secure area before being taken to the reading area and given access to the requested records.

In order to ensure the preservation of the records, researchers are only allowed to bring a notepad and pencil with no eraser (a sharpener can be provided if necessary), or a laptop/device.

A further list of the rules when working with the records can be provided by contacting museum staff.

Digital Copying

Certain records are available for digital copying; however, this is for personal use only. Copying of the records is limited, depending on the size and condition of the records in question.
If it is possible to copy the records requested, the first 5 scans or photocopies are free, with a charge of £0.10 a sheet after that.